When someone lands on your website, they will judge whether they like it within the first 10 seconds so it is very important to demonstrate value very quickly. One way to do this is with animation. The motion associated with animations draw attention and can make loading screens entertaining, home pages more engaging and to lead the audience through your business and products easily.

Animation does not necessarily have to be 'cartoons' but can also include the way elements of your website interact - an equally it can be cartoons!

There are a multitude of ways to improve your website with simple motion. This could be page transition, animated graphs and infographics, ambiant scrolling or controlled modular scrolling - all of which add depth to your website.

Animation can increase traffic and the time spent on your website and Digita Riot can advise on the most appropriate uses of animation integreted into your website. Animations need to perform a task; does it guide the user to where to click? is it part of the narrative of your website by gradually revealing elements? does it visualise your products or services ?does it break up an overly static wesbite? does it create the right kind of atmosphere for your website?

The final question we would it fun? is it a fun and quirky way to make your business stand out? For most businesses, injecting an element of personality into their website is not only something which brings enjoyment to their audience but is also a key aspect of marketing and promotion.

It is our view that, used in the right way, animations can really add a unique element to a website and can provide streamlined information digestion for the audience as well as building in to your brand identity.

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