Videography is perhaps one of the newest tools in your marketing toolbox and one that is often overlooked as a luxury expense. Similarly to professional photography, the investment in videography is one that has a positive ROI and has numerous applications for most businesses.

Video is engaging and increases the time your audience spends on your website. Videography can include products/product reviews, virtual tours, introductions to your team, the capture of events....just about anything really!

Oh and Google loves video! You are more likely to show up on the front pages of google if you have fully optimised video embedded in your website!

From an engagement perspective, even the most laid-back consumer can engage with a video! Theres an instantaneous element to video that can be particularly effective and is especially suited to those who dont want to sit and read through content.

Video can be a really interesting and creative way to promote your business and stand out from the crowd!

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